Hi, I'm

Kenny Zheng

And I'm An Aspiring

I'm a 22 y/o student studying human-computer interaction + AI @ Georgia Tech

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About Me

Undergraduate Computer Science Student

I am a current 4th year undergraduate Computer Science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology with concentrations in People and Artificial Intelligence. I am a diligent, persistent, and motivated student with a drive to learn as much as possible. In addition, I'm also a sports and technology enthusiast hoping to change lives and make the future a better place.

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Latest Projects

UEFA Tournament Predictor

Developed and implemented a predictive model for UEFA club soccer tournament's team knockout stage using advanced machine learning techniques. Utilized TensorFlow and RNN architecture with LSTM layers and batch normalization to enhance model performance.

Pac-Man Game

Java/JavaFX based game product that leveraged knowledge of event-driven programming to implement real-time advancements within the game. Utilized agile/scrum practices and object-oriented programming principles to design a Graphical User Interface(GUI) application tailored towards the client’s requirements.

Stock Market Forecaster

Python-based LSTM-based Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) model for forecasting long-term stock and bond gains using U.S. financial market data collected over the last 150 days retrieved from the Yahoo Finance API.

Maze Finder App

React.js-powered web application employs an enhanced Dijkstra's algorithm to efficiently calculate the shortest path between designated start and end nodes in a grid map, accommodating user-defined obstacles as walls for precise route determination.


An event planning solution powered by React Native, tailored to streamline volunteer registration and ticket sales for event planning firms. Proven success in supporting five events, each with over 200 volunteers, and generating a total revenue of $30,000 from these five events.

Web Design

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